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  Blow moulding machine multi-point parison programmer
Multi-Point Parison Programmer
Blow-Moulding Machine

P 30+' Multi-Point Parison Programmer
  • Uniform article wall thickness and hence improved quality
    due to lesser thermal stress during processing.
  • Even distribution of wall thickness
  • Reduction in container weight
  • Reduction in top and bottom wastage
  • Higher production
  • Reduced cooling time due to uniformity of thickness
  • Economical & Simple
  • Independent top and bottom flash programming
  • Total solution - retrofitting as well as installing on a new machine is possible
  • Reliable technical support
"TMC - Moog" 128 Point Parison Programmer
  • mPower
  • Cost-effective
  • MOOG advantage in Parison Control Technology for Multiple Machines
  • Application: Simultaneous control up to 4 heads of same of different machines of same or different machines of Accumulator type.
  • Programming Features: MMI with 16 Functional keys, Numeric Keypad, 8 Setting keys, Full VGA (640 x 480 pixel graphic display) 128-point Parison profile with step, line, curvilinear interpolation.
  • User-friendly settings for individual heads
  • Mold storage up to 50 molds
Blow Moulding Total Machine Controller
  • Non-intelligent MMI with 16 function keys, Numeric keypad & 32 manual function keys.
  • Display: Full VGA (640 x 480 pixel graphic display) 10.4"
  • 128 point Parison profile control for Continuous & Accumulator based M/Cs.
  • PID temperature control for screw barrel with cold start prevention.
  • Hour meter and short counter display.
  • Mold storage up to 50 molds


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